Hair Growth Care Tips For Long And Smooth Hairs

Hair Growth Care Tips For Long And Smooth Hairs
Hair Growth Care Tips For Long And Smooth Hairs

Long hair needs more care than short hair. Just washing and drying the long hair can be time consuming. You’ve got to follow the Hair Growth Care Tips.

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Here are some simple tips to take care of long hair:

Avoid going to bed with a braid or a ponytail. This promotes hair breakage and hair loss.
When tieing a pony tail or braid, make sure that it isn’t too tight.
For its growth it is important to cut your hair every four to six weeks. That stops the ends of the break too.

Combing Tips

This is one of the most important Hair Growth Care Tips.

Don’t over-brush or comb your hair. Using a hair-brush of decent quality. Use a wide dented pebble for your hair and be careful while you comb.
Avoid pulling and hair splitting.
Be gentle whilst you comb or brush.
Use long strokes to brush your hair from its roots to the hair ends. This also increases blood supply.
Stay away from filthy, unclean combs. Use the brushes and combs clean.
Work in downward direction while you detangle the hair.

Massage Your Hairs Regularly

Regularly Oil your hair.
This does fit well with almond oil , olive oil and coconut oil. Some essential oils may also be used.
Massage the scalp for better circulation of the blood at least once a week. It also promotes hair growth.

Washing Tips

They don’t need to wash long hair as much as short hair. You need to restore the moisture in the hair. Use a regular shampoo, and a conditioner. You may also use a Conditioner for leave-in. Pay extra attention to the hair ends, as special care and nutrition are needed. Avoid rubbing a towel over your hair. Blot the hair into the water. If you rub them off with a towel, hair can get tangled.

Brush the long hair twice a day.

Avoid To Blow drying

Do not do daily blow drying. Play it on a warmer side, if you use a blow dryer. Cover your hair from exposure to the sun and from contamination. Cover your hair as you step out.

Apple Cider Vinegar Or Lemon Juice

For final rinse, use apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. That would add natural shine to your hair and bounce. Only beer can be used for final wash. Next time you’ve got beer, store some of that for hair washing.

Apply some natural hair masks according to your hair type.

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