Almond Face Mask For Healthy And Smooth Skin

Almond Face Mask
Almond Face Mask

The sales of Almond are in abundance. For skin care, almonds may be used. Almond milk is used for the manufacturing of soaps and lotions to improve the complexion of the skin. A homemade almond face mask will rejuvenate your skin. Here’s an excellent almond-made face pack that gives instant glow and youthfulness to your skin. This mask should be used daily for individuals with dry skin. As almonds are a rich source of vitamin E, they can help your skin achieve light, healthier and smoother skin.


  1. One tablespoon honey
  2. 8-10 tablespoons almonds
  3. ½ tablespoon lemon juice

Take almonds, and soak them overnight in water. Peel the almonds in the morning, and remove their skin. Grind the almond together to form a thick paste. Mix mixture of honey and lemon juice and add to the almond paste

Almond Face Mask

Clean your face and pat dry. Apply the face mask uniformly to your face excluding the field of eyes and mouth. Keep it going 15-20 minutes. Plain water to clean off. You may also extract the face pack in circular directions by rubbing it in. Upon removal of the bag, wash away with clear water.

This pack can also be kept in a refrigerator for months. Use this once a week to achieve a healthier and fairer complexion.

This face mask would not only gently relax the skin but also enhance the skin’s complexion. This exfoliates the skin, as well. Daily use of the almond face mask helps keep the skin moisturized. It is also helping to restore your skin ‘s vitality.


  1. One tablespoon honey
  2. 1 egg yolk
  3. 1 tablespoon almond oil
  4. One tablespoon yogurt

Combine and form a thick paste with all the ingredients. Apply the face mask to the nose in equal measure and hang on for 15 minutes. Use clear water to wash away and pat-dry the skin. A calming and relaxing effect on your skin is provided by this natural facial kit. Combine all the ingredients and create a thick paste. Apply the face mask to the nose in equal measure and hang on for 15 minutes. Use clear water to wash away and pat-dry the skin. A relaxing and refreshing effect on your skin is produced by this natural facial kit.

Before using any face pack, make sure that you are NOT allergic to any of the ingredients.

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