How To Make Lavender Oil | Essential Oil For Beauty

How To Make Lavender Oil Essential Oil For Beauty
How To Make Lavender Oil Essential Oil For Beauty

How to make lavender oil? That short, calming fragrance so famous for its soothing fragrance and antiseptic characteristics!

The fragrance oils are costly. But it’s convenient enough to make the lavender oil yourself.

Of course, the fragrance won’t be as strong as those for sale, and it’s not the same as an essential oil, but it’s going to be good enough to use it for the home and with the money, you ‘re going to save, you ‘re going to be able to use it more liberally and enjoy the fragrance more.

                           This Remedy will show you how. 

Lavender oil has many uses and benefits. 

From such luxurious settings as high-end spas, to common household items like cleaning agents, it is a scent commonly used in many places.


Since lavender has a soothing effect, and contain antiseptic and antibacterial properties at the same time. It can protect against germs and help treat headaches, remove breakouts of the skin and alleviate tension. 

To make your own here’s what you do?

How To Make Lavender Oil  Essential Oil For Beauty

1) Gather Lavender Cuttings 

The flowers are the main source of scent, and the stalk of the flowers and the young leaves are also useful but not so much.

Don’t use the leathery head.

You’ll need cuttings of about three to five cups. The more oil you have, and the better the smell that you can produce.

Dry flowers are best used. If you use fresh flowers let them first dry.

2) To find olive oil or another carrier oil that doesn’t have any discernible smell

 In this oil, you’ll steep the lavender so there should be enough to cover the flowers. The oil will have no odor that would overshadow the lavender smell.

3)You will need an airtight container 

A glass jar big enough for the oil and the flowers together with at least an inch and a half or two of extra space between it and the lid.

4) You will also need something with which to filter out the lavender flowers

A strainer cheesecloth or coffee filter will work.

5) Now you’re ready 

To start placing half of the cuttings of lavender in the jar.
Pour the oil on top of the cuttings.
Let the flowers steep in the oil in a warm sunny spot for at least forty-eight hours.

This would be even easier to give it an extra day.

Every few hours, you should give it a shake.

The lavender flowers are washed out within the first two or three days of steeping or finished.

Strain the cuttings, pour the oil into another tub of metal or glass.

Do not use a plastic bottle (it would suck up the lavender scent).

Put the strained flowers into the coffee filter and squeeze for the last drops of oil to extract.

At the other half of lavender cuttings, pour the oil back in the initial jar and let it steep for another two or three days again.
Repeat the straining cycle until you have plant content free from clean oil.
The product should be fragrant, ready-made lavender oil.

You Can Use Lavender In Many Ways

You may use it to make soap or potpourris for the scented candles. You may use it to cure acne, relieve a headache or apply it to your bath to refresh yourself and promote a restful sleep that is soothing.

They can be used for aromatherapy in an oil burner.

Here are only a few examples of how a lavender oil can be used and appreciated, it has a way to enrich your life and boost your mood, and now you can keep a steady supply handy by following here measures to make lavender oil.

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