Ramadan Diet Plan For Weight Loss|You Can Lose Instantly

ramadan diet plan
ramadan diet plan

30 Days Weight Loss Diet Plan For Ramadan

The article today is about the Ramadan Diet Programme. When you follow this planed right, you can see some positive improvements in your body.

Regardless of today’s crisis people still have a food shortage and a lot of tension. We are therefore mainly targeting healthy, clean foods that can easily be made with easy accessibility

So let’s get started the Ramadan Diet Plan.


 Sehri is the time to hydrate and get something fitting. This is the most popular weight loss component of the Ramadan Diet Schedule. That should also prepare for long hours of fasting. So, depending on what ingredients you have there are three choices.

Porridge(Oatmeal) or Dalia

Oatsmeal sehri ramadan diet plan

Firstly, making either Porridge or Dalia using oats or broken wheat.

Take 1⁄2 Cup of oats.
Add 1 Cup of milk and 1⁄2 cup of water.
Let it get to boil.

When it’s just boiling cook for one minute.

And our oats’ ready for this.

Instead of adding a tablespoon of peanut butter to this recipe add no sugar. It makes oatmeal more nutritious, richer in protein and more fluffy. Which also give a salty taste. You may never have felt it before.

Add a few bits of chocolate to give it a taste of chocolaty peanut butter.

And if you want to add some spice then pour a little honey over it.

Mix everything together well and it gives your love a nice sweet and salty oatmeal.

Seek to eat no oil for good health no peanut butter sugar delicious oatmeal.


Dates Ramadan diet plan

20 to 30 minutes after a bowl of oatmeal has been consumed.

Take 3 dates with them. Drink 400 to 500 ml of water.

Nbsp;Dates will give you energy and water and natural sugar will keep you hydrated

Lentils With Brown Rice(Daal Chawal)

Now if you don’t like eating oats. Then just have on top a large daal bowl also known as Lentils with some ghee(clarified butter). When you’ve got half a Cup of brown rice along. This is my favorite weight-loss meal in Ramadan Diet Schedule.

Egg Frankie

Third option is egg frankie and egg roll. This recipe is also filling and nutritious and it’s easy to make.

Egg Frankie egg roll ramadan diet plan

Only fire up a davaa or griddle.
Get the plate or paratha flaky. Yet note, don’t apply any oil to it.
Now spit an egg on the cooked side of the paratha after hundreds.

Spread well and sprinkle some salt and paprika or cold red powder over it.

Flip the side and add one Ghee tablespoon, also called clarified butter. So only a teaspoon was used to make one paratha.

Cook both sides and put in a platter.

Placed a cooked egg paratha on wrapping foil so it’s easy for you to make a sandwich.

Take a bowl of some sliced onions and green chilies filled with salt and vinegar to improve flavor.

Layer a plate of chopped onions and green chilies and a slice of one boiled egg on top plate. Because of an egg you can add grilled or boiled chicken too. Simply cover the paratha with the aid of the wrapping foil once the filling is finished and our egg roll is ready to eat.

It is simple but quite tasty, that you will love this recipe. You can have one or at most two rolls of eggs at a time.

Butter Milk (Lassi)

Butter milk Ramadan diet plan

We have a glass of butter milk along with the rolls to keep your body hydrated. Render it salty not sweet butter milk bottle.

Yogurt is a probiotic, which has a good cut. Its perfect in summer, making you less thirsty.

You may also have lemon juice in Basal water. In summer Basil has a calming effect on our bodies and will keep you hydrated for a long time. This is also a very good source of protein and fibre, and it helps to lose weight.

Indoor Exercises Before Iftar

Thirty minutes before Iftar indulgent simple indoor exercises like stretching to keep your metabolism up and running.

Indoor Exercises Before Iftar ramadan diet plan

You can also do exercise after Aftari. Choice is yours but indulging in some activity can really helps your body in staying active and toned.


Instead of opening fast with Sharbat or Rooh hafza. Which is nothing but artificial sugar. This part is most important one in Ramadan Diet Plan. Do not eat too much. Just follow the Iftar Diet.

  • Have a bowl of seasonal fresh fruits juice.
  • Or a bowl of Dahii or plain yogurt along the three dates and few nuts.


There are four options for dinner:

The first choice is to have a bowl of oats soup with one bowl of potato. If you want to add a piece of chicken you can add it in.
Second choice as getting only a few grilled chicken parts with a bowl of Carrot Raita oats.
A third choice is to have a brown rice Biryani.
Fourth option is to have two Chapati(Breads) on the side with a bowl of cooked veggies, some salad and a glass of buttermilk(Curd).— wp: {“customFontSize”:18} — >

If you’ve had an egg roll in Sehri then choose as dinner just one of the first three choices. I don’t want you all to eat too much in a day and it’s going to be a challenge losing weight.

Now for Sweet dish You can try Firny or some kind of kheer as well.

Before Going To Bed

I strongly recommend drinking a glass of turmeric milk before bedtime. This milk should take care of joint pain and muscle aches. It is going to fight depression and help you to sleep a lot better. This also reduces cholesterol, improves digestion and detoxifies the body. It’s going to rebuild your rapidly needed body.

Turmeric milk ramadan diet plan

Instead of this milk you can also choose to have green tea if it’s caffeine doesn’t disturb your sleep.

 So this is how your Ramadan Diet Plan should be.

 If you wish to make changes that make healthy changes don’t indulge in unhealthy cops processed foods and extra calories that’ll make you dehydrated and fat.

I’m sure you know that Ramadan is not about eating. Ramadan is about playing and meditating.

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