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Jungkook is trending. At the BTS BE Multinational conference.

The hair of Jungkook made the heart of the fan melt. His hair took him out of the spotlight. Jungkook has crafted a new hairstyle that attracts lots of reactions from fans in BTS’s press conference for its latest album “BE,” He confirmed that he currently grows hair out to test out new hairstyles, including his newly unveiled asymmetrical look. Jungkook sliced half his coat to show off his undercut to expose his facial f

    “Jungkook wins with his face the hearts of fans.” said a fan.

    “No matter what, he’s gorgeous. Our Jungkook, do with your hair whatever you want.” — Netizen                                            

RM began by talking about how Jungkook’s hairstyle is always a hot topic and looks great with both short hair and long hair.

Last September,16 BTS left for New Zealand after a month of summer vacations. They went to film a “Travel voyage” in Christchurch, a city on the South Island of New Zealand. The New Zealand ARMYs did an excellent job there! They asked the New Zealand embassy to keep the BTS secret location because they thought if BTS’s area is known, it could be difficult for BTS to shoot. The embassy accepted the opinions of the ARMYs. The day BTS left New Zealand, the embassy posted and promoted BTS visits on their official Twitter account. ARMYs around the world were impressed with New Zealand fans. Fans said; 

      “this mature culture should be seen and learned by some malicious fans.”

The problem happened when BTS returned to Korea. They came through Incheon International Airport on September 24th after a week of filming in New Zealand. The first thing that caught the fan’s attention was Jungkook’s hairstyle. His hair grew even more and almost came down to his chin. Many fans liked it and said he looked so cute, like a poodle!

As the back of Jungkook’s hair gets longer, it seems he’s in the beginning stages of a mullet that was trendy in K-Pop for a while.

Later after that noon, a video uploaded on Twitter spread through the internet community, and the ARMYs went furious again. In the video, a woman who seems to be a SASAENG yells at Jungkook, saying;

             “Jungkook-ah, cut off your hair! (Erase your tattoo!)” 

Is she a fan of Jungkook? If she is, why is she forcing Jungkook to cut his hair and erase his tattoo?

Jungkook has always been tired of dealing with those SASAENGs. They are trying to interfere with Jungkook’s hairstyle and possess him. are more fans. The shocking fact is that there are more fans than you think who blame Jungkook for this matter.     

Indeed, more and more articles and the Korean internet community do not want to see Jungkook’s long hair. They say his hairstyle is messy and doesn’t look right. Some fans even said; 

                “Jungkook is selfish, insisting that standing in front of the fans with such a messy haircut is disrespectful.”

Now the point that comes to view is;


There is one thing that the fans do not know. There is a particular reason why Jungkook decided to grow his hair. It was for ARMYs. Other BTS members dye their hair in various fancy colors, but Jungkook could not stain much because of his weak hair. Unlike other K-pop idol members, his hair color was always black. Jungkook said; he felt sorry for fans expecting various looks and styling. So he started growing his hair to show his lover a new look without dyeing his hair.           

    Fans who do not even know about his intention are blindly blaming Jungkook. Of course, there are still some fans who miss Jungkook’s short hair. It’s also understandable that K-Pop boy idols with long hair can be familiar. SASAENG said he is doing whatever he wants by ignoring the fan’s opinions. But this is not true. Jungkook has been asking ARMYs for long that he’d like to know what length you all prefer. Jungkook said several times that he wants to grow his hair long, so fans welcomed his new hairstyle. Some fans seem too obsessed with him. Even when he was on vacation in New Zealand, the fans’ attitude was tremendous pressure on Jungkook.

“He can grow his hair, tattoo on his hand, and do whatever he wants. Because he is an IDOL, not a DOLL of his fans.”

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